iPhone with Caloree app running

Calorie tracker for iPhone, iPad & Mac

Lose weight by keeping a simple food diary

Caloree for iPhone, iPad & Mac is an intuitive app that allows you to reach your weight goal.

It is super easy to use making it fun to track your daily calories. Understand why you lose or gain weight by getting an overview of your body's energy needs and your actual intake.

Caloree allows you to sync your data to your Mac, iPad and iPhone through iCloud.

Hate subscriptions? So do we! Caloree can be used for free or if you want to use the pro features a one-time in-app purchase is enough to own Caloree Pro forever.

Our promise to you: we'll never use or sell your data. We love privacy and think of it as a fundamental right!

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Caloree on iPhone, iPad, Mac syncing via iCloud

iPhone, iPad & Mac Sync via iCloud

Working on multiple devices? No problem! Caloree runs on iPad, iPhone and Mac and synchronizes its data via iCloud (needs to be enabled on your devices).

Food diary, weight log and settings will be synchronized automatically without you having to do anything.

Don't want to synchronize to the cloud? Go to your device's Settings app (System Settings on Mac) choose Caloree and disable iCloud.

Food diary to go

Caloree allows you to track your meals for the day. If you buy the Pro version of Caloree you can even plan up to 7 days in advance.

The pie chart at the top tells you how many calories you have consumed and how much are left for the day. Stay within these limits and you should be able to achieve your weight goals.

Searching food to add to diary
Scanning barcode of product

More than 2 million foods

From the diary view simple press the yellow plus-button and you can easily search for food. Long-pressing the plus-button opens the built-in barcode scanner allowing you to scan your food instantly.

Simply point the camera at a product's barcode to scan and find the product in Caloree's vast catalog of more than 2 million foods.

The free version allows you to search for basic foods. The pro version of Caloree gives you access to the more than 2 million products and allows you to scan barcodes.

Track your weight

Keeping track of your weight is an important step in managing your weight goals. Simply hit the Weight-tab and enter your weight. Done.

Caloree keeps track of the last 180 days (approx. 6 months) for you.

Keeping track of your weight
Caloree running on Apple Watch

Watch out!

(Pun intended). Don't feel like taking out your iPhone? Don't worry: Caloree allows you to log to your food diary directly from your wrist. Caloree for Apple Watch is part of Caloree Pro.

Plan ahead

Are you more of a planning person? Don't worry. The pro version of Caloree - which is an affordable one-time in-app purchase - allows you to plan up to 7 days in advance.

Planning meals in advance