Do you have any questions or problems with Caloree? We have a FAQ section below that we will keep growing as more questions come in. If you don't see an answer we have several options for you to get in touch and we will answer as soon as we can:

I have trouble finding my favorite foods/drinks

Caloree has an extensive food database (currently more than 2 million items) from various sources. However, sourcing all this information is extremely tricky. The most complete database is currently the US database. If you have trouble finding your foods try setting the "Food database settings" inside Caloree's settings to United States. We are currently working hard to bring more products to more countries.

Is there support for more macros than calories?

Currently, Caloree is limited to tracking calories as a simple means to lose, maintain or gain weight. If you would like to see more than that in future versions please send us a note and we might consider this in one of the future versions.

How many days can I plan in advance?

Caloree allows you to plan 6 days into the future (plus the current day).